Keep up with the newest technologies and start accepting new sources of
revenue from a global community of PIVX users.
Merchant Integration

Simple, Fast & Secure

Considering alternative payment methods to outdated methods? Here are 4 reasons why
PIVX is the best alternative method to accept payments.

Reduce costs for payments

And everyone is welcome. We believe in protection, but we also believe in freedom of speech. The community is a place for everyone to be expressive, but we ask that you show consideration to all members of the community of all ages.

Instant payments

Thanks to the PIVX network, receive payments instantly (within one minute).

Open source solutions

Integrate PIVX developed payment methods easily and completely free of charge, because the PIVX code is completely open source.

Passionate Userbase

Become a part of PIVX merchants and get various bonuses including support from our community and PIVX ambassadors.

Check out PIVX

Media Kit

Select, print and place your preferred media for your local business.


How to accept PIVX on Android

QT Wallet

QT Wallet Videotutorials

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